[stextbox id=”black”]Mono – Solenoid pumps
In brass or plastic
Flow rate: 12 to 27 GPH at 60 Hz/40 to 100 l/h at 50 Hz
Pressure: up to 200 psi/up to 14 bar[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]01-MG200-400

This latest version of the Fluid-o-Tech® Mono solenoid pump has been developed looking at the future. The hydraulic improvements make of this pump the ideal component for all the applications where safety and reliability are necessary elements. The Mono solenoid pump, designed for pumping a range of fluids including potable water, food quality low viscous syrups and semiaggressive fluids at relatively high pressures, is available in brass or plastic housing and fittings, with glass or EPDM check valves and an AISI 430 FR stainless steel piston.
The coil is made of self-extinguishing material with a class H insulation winding. All the models are equipped with a noise suppression device which allows the pump to be installed in all those applications where low noise is a premium. Shock absorbing supports are also available for the quietest operation.

[/stextbox][stextbox id=”info”]NOTE:
Max system pressure: 18 bar (260 psi), Max temperature: 70 °C (158 F)
Espresso coffee machines, Beverage vending machines, Smoke generators, Steam generators, Carpet cleaners, Water purifiers, Water carbonators, Spraying systems[/stextbox]