TP30 [EN]


[stextbox id=”black”]TP30 – Peristaltic pumps
Designed for OEMs
Flow rate: up to 800 ml/min[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]01-MG200-400

The Fluid-o-Tech® peristaltic pump technology offers precise, cost efficient movement of fluids to OEMs in many diverse industries. Key to its design are the elimination of the traditional gear box and a fast tube change capability enabling tubing or complete pumps to be replaced very quickly with minimal skills or tools. The unit is available in a range of drives including brush and brushless DC and can be stacked for multi-channel operation off a single drive for enhanced flow or delivery of discrete fluid streams.

Fluid-o-Tech® TP30 series offer outstanding suction performance and repeatability characteristics, lending themselves well to dosing applications. As with established peristaltic pump design, the tubing is the only material in contact with the medium to be pumped and can be quickly changed in preparation for new fluids.

• Advantages:
• Elimination of gear boxes
• Wide range of tubing sizes and materials
• Easy tube change

[/stextbox][stextbox id=”alert”]MAIN APPLICATIONS:
Dosing in food industry (beverage, condiments), Distribution & filling in the cosmetics industry, Detergent dispense in industrial cleaning equipment, Analysers and samplers, Portable equipment[/stextbox]