PO 70-400 SS [EN]


[stextbox id=”black”]PO 70-400 SS – Stainless steel rotary vane pumps
With internal parts in stainless steel and graphite
Flow rate: 18 to 140 GPH at 1725 rpm/70 to 400 l/h at 1450 rpm
Pressure: up to 230 psi/up to 16 bar[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]01-MG200-400

The rotary vane pumps, manufactured by Fluid-o-Tech and sold worldwide under the trademark Rotoflow, are volumetric pumps designed for pumping water and aggressive liquids with low flow at high pressure.

Technical features and manufacturing characteristics The housing and the rotor are in stainless steel AISI 303, while the pumping chamber and the vanes are in graphitic carbon. Inlet and outlet ports are 3/8Ó GAS or NPT threaded. A built-in adjustable relief valve to protect the pump and the system from unexpected pressure spikes is also available upon request. The pump can be connected to direct coupling motors with a stainless steel clamp or to M71 and M80 UNELMEC or NEMA 56C frame motors with the Fluid-o-Tech coupling and adapter set.

Maximum operative temperature: 70 ¡C (158 F).

[/stextbox][stextbox id=”warning”]AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST:
Viton¨/EPDM seals, Built-in relief valve, Flange mount
Soda circulation, Cooling systems, Booster systems, Water treatment[/stextbox]