TMFR 30-200 [EN]


[stextbox id=”black”]TMFR 30-200 – Magnet drive rotary vane pump motor units
In brass or stainless steel with internal parts in stainless steel and graphite
Flow rate: up to 150 GPH/570 l/h at 3500
Pressure: up to 230 psi/up to 16 bar[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]01-MG200-400

The TMFR series, an integrated pump-motor unit where the motor has no moving parts, features a combination of compact size, superior performance, low energy consumption and silent operation to provide great versatility in a refined, high tech design. The internal magnet, driven through an electromagnetic field, is capable of transmitting high torque to the shaft. The speed control system allows the unit to self-adapt to the hydraulic conditions of the circuit to maintain a set pressure or flow rate, while the brushless technology provides a reliable and long lasting operation.

• Compact size
• Motor housing in aluminum
• No wear on the motor
• Black anodized finishing available
• Continuous speed control
• Continuous duty

[/stextbox][stextbox id=”warning”]MAIN APPLICATIONS:
Laser cooling, Solar heating systems, Refrigerating gas transfer, Reverse osmosis, Welding, Fuel burner, Water repressurization, Post mix systems, Espresso coffee machines[/stextbox]