[stextbox id=”black”]MGCF04S/MGCF11S – Magnet drive gear pump motor units
Driver for MG200-MG300 Series pumps[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”grey”]01-MG200-400

The compact precision performance pumps MG or PG series are designed to fit high technology applications. The magnet drive principle provides a totally sealed pump chamber which is capable of handling a wide range of corrosive fluids with a high degree of safety. The pump housing is available in AISI 316L, SAF 2205, AISI 303 or PPS. In operation the MG and PG series pumps are noiseless, pulsation-free and capable of handling relatively high temperature liquids up to 120 ¡C (248 F).
The coupling with the MGCF04S, MGCF11S units designed for heavy duty, provides a reliable and noiseless operation in a compact size package. The pole-to-pole alignment of the two magnets provides the driving motion to the pump. Decoupling will occur when the pump load exceeds the coupling torque between the magnets.

[/stextbox][stextbox id=”download”]MAIN APPLICATIONS:
Medical and surgical equipment, Hemodialysis apparatus, Laser apparatus, Lubrication, Ink-jet printing systems, Cooling systems, Laboratory instrumentation, Water purification and ultra-filtration, Sampling, Food processing equipment[/stextbox]