DSS-01 DSX-01 [EN]


[stextbox id=”black”]DSS-01 DSX-01 Metering system for MG200, MG300 Series pumps
Flow range: 90-3600 ml/min
Motor speed: 300-3000 rpm
Motor speed control accuracy: ± 1.0%[/stextbox]

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Fluid-o-Tech®’s metering systems are highly accurate driving systems designed for Fluid-o-Tech® magnet drive gear pumps for dispensing liquids with flow rates ranging from 90 ml to 3600 ml/min. The driver is a 24 V DC brushless motor closed loop controlled by Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) granting high efficiency, silent operation and long service life.

Different pump heads series (MG200 – MG300 – PG300) with different gear width can be mounted on the unit.

• Pulseless pumping
• Dispense function by volume, time and cycle time
• Interchangeable Fluid-o-Tech® pump heads
• Pre-programmable*
• DC brushless motor assures high output torque, high
efficiency, maintenance free and silent operation
• 128 x 32 LCD screen (Four digits LED to display speed
information on DSS unit)
• Closed loop for dispensing accuracy control*
• Fast purge function
• Quick start/stop
• Pc controllable unit
• Power-fail memory function


[stextbox id=”alert”]MAIN APPLICATIONS:
Delivery and dispensing processes for particulate-free solutions[/stextbox]